Wednesday, 16 December 2009

How To Stop Panic Attacks - The Ultimate Guide To Overcome Panic Attacks!

Does any of this sound familiar:-

- Your heart is racing

- Sweating profusely

- Headaches

- Difficulty breathing

- Chest pains

Your immediate reaction is that you are having a heart attack and are about to die! Although the symptoms are similar to that of a heart attack, there is no need to worry. You are most likely suffering from a panic attack. This may be of little comfort to you, but it's best that you know - no-one has ever died from a panic attack. No matter how bad it feels or can get, panic attacks are not fatal. However, it can be an insane emotional rollercoaster. Therefore, it is time that you learnt how to stop panic attacks.

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Prior To Learning How To Stop Panic Attacks - Let's Look At The Causes Of Panic Attacks

People the world over face the problem of panic attacks, so you are definitely not alone. In order to stop panic attacks you should always try to remain calm and tell yourself that it is merely a panic attack and that you are NOT going to die!

There are many reasons that the average human being can be prone to panic attacks. However, before trying to overcome panic attacks, it's best to know what may cause them:-

- Panic Disorder

- Phobias of social situations

- Depression

- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

- A chemical or thyroid imbalance

- Any type of personality or thought disorder

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The Best Way To Stop Panic Attacks

The medical profession advocate the use of prescribed medicines to stop panic attacks. However, this is not a permanent solution to overcome panic attacks. This may treat the symptoms of your panic attack and make you feel better for now, but without continued medication, your panic attacks can return at any time.

In order to stop panic attacks there are certain natural methods and techniques you can use. One of the most basic places to start is your diet. Foods and substances such as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and drugs can bring on panic attacks. By eating more fruit and vegetables you can help to reduce many of the factors that cause anxiety in the body. Also ensure you are getting plenty of exercise and a good night's sleep in your bid to overcome panic attacks.

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My Experience Of Panic Attacks

Panic attacks and anxiety first came to my attention about 13 years ago. As a child i was extremely shy and tended to avoid certain social situations, but this was never a problem. It wasn't until i started work that i began to notice that i had a high level of anxiety.

My job involved a lot of public speaking. I had to conduct a meeting first thing every morning in front of at least 30 sales executives. Even if i had prepared everything, i was still overcome with emotion. To start with i remember sweating profusely whenever speaking in public and i became extremely aware of this problem.

I recall sometimes before going into a meeting i would spend 5 minutes soaking my hands and wrists under a cold tap. I would also stick my head in the freezer to cool down my cheeks and forehead (how do you explain that at work?). Occasionally i would sail through my presentation and not have any problems. However, the majority of the time i would sweat (a hell of a lot!), i would stumble over my words and rush through to get to the end as quickly as possible.

On one occasion i had wound myself up so much before hand i actually begun to feel very unwell and eventually fainted. The embarrassment of being "woken up" by colleagues and paramedics will live with me forever.

This was when i decided to research this subject further. I had overcome my fear of heights and driving, so surely there was some way stop and overcome panic attacks!

This is when i came across Barry Joe McDonagh (He's also known as Joe Barry). Joe was a panic attack sufferer just like me and millions of others around the world. It was through Joe's teachings that i discovered the "One Movement Technique". This is a way to stop panic attacks through a simple mental procedure. Once you have mastered this method, you can literally stop panic attacks in their tracks in under a minute.

Now don't get me wrong, you won't suddenly read about Joe's findings and then immediately overcome panic attacks for good! This is way to educate yourself and your brain and understand exactly what is happening to you. You will learn certain techniques to control the thoughts and feelings going on in your brain, even if you think you are about to DIE!

This will take some time for you to train and master these techniques, however 40,000 former panic attack sufferers agree with me that Joe Barry's teachings are instrumental in helping to stop panic attacks.

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