Monday, 26 July 2010

Anxiety At Work Meetings

One of the most common times people feel anxious at work (after getting called in to see the boss) is at meetings where you are expected to speak up in front of many others.

Let me give you a few quick tips on how best to approach those meetings:

Generally these type of work meetings involve a group of people sitting around taking it in turns to speak. Most people anxious about speaking in public dread their turn and hope some divine intervention will save them from having to speak at all.

To get around this try the opposite approach. Pretend to yourself and the group that you are actually dying to speak. Before you enter the room, say to yourself:

“I’m going to speak at any reasonable opportunity that presents itself”

-Be positively itching to speak!

-Before the meeting kicks off, talk to everyone around you. Don’t sit there in silence.

-If you have a short presentation to make and you don’t like the idea of having to do it in one go, break it up by asking those present questions during your talk. This puts the focus back on the group and can help you feel less under pressure.

-If everyone has to speak, it can really take the pressure off to be first up but if you can’t be first then start asking questions of the other speakers when they are finished if that is appropriate.

Come across as really interested and engaged. Give the impression to the room that you want to speak and to be heard. Speaking up works because the anxiety only gets worse if you sit there in total silence waiting to be called upon. Don’t wait for them to call you -speak out.

If you take the above advice on board and it does come to your turn to speak, you won’t feel the same level of pressure because everyone in the room is already used to your voice and you don’t feel the pressure of hearing your voice for the first time in the room.

Everyone is used to you and you are used to speaking to them. Great speakers love an opportunity to talk and present. Believe it or not but you can train yourself to be like that and it starts by pretending to yourself that you really want that opportunity to be in the lime light. Be hungry for it.

Instead of holding back and resisting the opportunity to speak in public, you chase after it! You might think:

“fine but how can I try this out before my next meeting?”

The best way I know of is to join a Toastmaster group in your area (google it) and get started there right away.

If there is no toastmaster group locally find a public meeting or volunteer for something like a research group where you all discuss a topic together.

There are lots of places to practice.

Dive in, speak up.

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Barry Joe McDonagh

Sunday, 24 January 2010

How To Stop Panic Attacks For Good - Panic Away Review - Can Panic Away Finally Help To Stop Panic Attacks?

Approximately 30% of all American adults will suffer from at least one panic attack every year. Unfortunately many of these people have been sufferng from panic or anxiety attacks for many years. There are various prescribed medications to deal with panic attacks. However these are merely intended to suppress your anxiety and can therefore only offer a temporary solution.

Most people, myself included, would rather not spend the rest of their lives relying on medication to stop panic attacks symptoms.This is why i spent an awful lot of time studying and researching how to stop panic attacks permanentely. This is when i first stumbled upon Joe Barry's Panic Away Guide.

Panic Away is a guide that promises a completely natural cure for panic attacks that is extremely safe and effective. Joe Barry's guide also promises to stop panic attacks FOREVER!

Joe, like so many of us, used to suffer from panic attacks as well. Then through careful research and a lot of trial and error, Joe finally discovered an all natural way to stop panic attacks for good. His methods to stop panic attcks have now been taught to many sufferers all over the world. Joe has now successfully helped well in excess of 40,000 panic attack sufferers to stop panic attacks permanentely.

What Is Panic Away All About?

What i liked most about Joe Barry's Panic Away program is that is was very different from traditional methods used to deal with panic attacks. Rather than trying to cope with a panic attack once it has hit you, Joe's ONE MOVE TECHNIQUE will teach you how to deal with your panic attack symptoms before a panic attack actually occurs.

The One move technique will teach you how to stop a potential panic attack dead in it's tracks. The technique will allow you to anticipate when a panic attack is about to strike and then stop it totally. The one move technique does not involve hypnosis or NLP.

Panic Away - What I Didn't Like

Joe seems to be fairly negative about the medical profession and how they deal with people who suffer from panic attacks. Joe believes that doctors simply prescribe medication because they don't have time to deal directly with patients. Perhaps he had a bad experience!

Another thing is that the one move technique is NOT something you will learn and master immediately. You won't suddenly practice this technique and then miraculously stop panic attacks for good! This will require a little patience and practice on your part. However, once you have mastered the one move technique you will known exactly when a panic attack is about to strike and you will then know how to stop it right there and then!

I highly recommend you try Panic Away as this is a technique that has worked wonders for many panic attack sufferers. It doesn't involve you becoming dependent on medication and is completely safe and natural.

Joe even offers a full no-risk 60 day money back guarantee. So if Panic Away doesn't work for you, you simply get your money back!

You have nothing to lose and eveything to gain. Just imagine being able to stop your panic attacks forever and never having to worry about suffering from a panic attack again.